Bag In Box For Water


Let Mission Packaging provide you with the most economical and efficient packaging solutions!  Water bottles are expensive and ecologically problematic; only 10% of water bottles get recycled leaving the vast majority to collect in landfills and dump sites.  Water Bottles that are left out in the environment can take decades to decompose.  We believe our Bag in Box packaging is the perfect solution to keep your product fresh. Using a Bag in Box stops any air flow from reaching the water and keeps it from becoming stale or oxidizing.  Water that isn’t exposed to air is naturally fresher, making it taste better. Reach out to us so that we can start fulfilling all of your packaging needs – we promise you wont be disappointed!

Not only will you have better tasting water but Boxed Water reduces waste for shipping volume!  There are additional advantages for our Bag in Box packaging that simply sells itself and we invite you to find out more.  Please reach out to our staff at Mission Packaging for a one on one conversation about the important features you desire and we’ll help you develop a perfect Bag in Box solution. Our specially designed boxes are the best alternative for those looking to go green and become more environmentally friendly!  Bag in Box is better than your typical bottle for the consumer as well as commercial and industrial clients.